Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the Colour of His Love

Does God's love have colour? Oh, yes, most definitely! Here are some examples from one life, my own.

The colour of His love is watching my daughter weep for her friend in ICU. It's brothers and sisters being friends and taking care of each other. Picture a husband cleaning the dirty bathroom for his wife while she sleeps in bed during the afternoon because she's sick. His back is hurting and he has no business bending over that tub, but he does it anyway.

The colour of His love is a daughter calling her mom at work and saying, "Don't worry about dinner. We're getting chicken." She also paid for it for the whole family. It's another daughter taking her mom out to lunch and not letting her share the bill.

More colours of His love are my son building a bridge for my backyard project and tearing down a brick wall because his mom wants the brick. Another son loads and unloads bags and bags of free rock and soil and compost that his mother isn't even sure what to do with. The colour of His love showed her exactly where to use them months later and it's perfectly perfect~!

Yet other colours are a dear friend taking time from her busy day to come check on me because she loves me, my little black kitty that simply adores me and will come to me when I call his name, and the gentle rain that washes everything clean.

The colour of His love is abundant in this note that my wonderful husband wrote seven years ago and I will keep it forever. Read slowly and picture His colours for yourself.....

Someone who paints red birds on white backgrounds,
Someone who has my numbers on their jersey,
Someone who draws me flowers on napkins,
Someone who collects pennies and likes cats,
Someone who knows me too well not to speak up,
Someone who doesn't know any better than to love me!!!

Sound like anyone you know,
Sounds like my family

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!!!!!!! I love you much!!!!!!!! Thanks for the reminder that God does show us His love if we will just take time to look and listen. CR partner