Sunday, April 26, 2009

Luke 5:26

Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, "We have seen remarkable things today."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

singing in the rain

It's been a while since I've been here. I've started a patio project in the backyard. It's been fun having everyone sitting around while I work. LOL I really do enjoy it! When they aren't there I just listen to my iPod and hopefully don't sing along with the songs. I have this thing I wear around my neck and I am able to listen to it through my hearing aids without wearing earplugs. I wear it inside my t-shirt though so people can't tell I'm listening to it. However when I'm listening to it it's on the telephone setting so I can't hear if you say something to me. I have just told my neighbors if I ignore them that I'm listening to my music!

Donald was off Thursday afternoon and yesterday. He helped me with the work on our patio and it was so much fun having him there. It started raining and we went to Taco Delite and got a cherry diet coke and I got a bean burrito with sour cream. I don't like sour cream that much, but Ben has me hooked on them. I guess it's just something different.

I ran out of bricks last week and Barb gave me some stuff she wasn't going to use and I was able to finish the part I had started over to the fence. Now we can move the table and chairs over and it's much nicer. We grilled hot dogs Thursday night and ate around our patio table again with the family. It was great! We have the best kiddos!! I am so proud of them all.

My friend Dustie has found some brick for me and when it stops raining we will begin to get those. I am so excited about this project! God is so awesome! After pricing brick and pavers at Home Depot I knew there was no way I could justify spending that much money to finish it.

The kids are enjoying the hammock; I have laid on it maybe a couple of minutes. There is just too much to do to lay there and do nothing right now. After it's finished I will lay there and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I need to get busy but the rain is making me lazy. I slept in this morning and since it has been pouring I doubt I'll be able to work out this afternoon. The outdoors is calling, but it's too cold to work in the rain.

Make a choice to rejoice in the Lord!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pretty in pink

Pretty in pink...

My latest project....

My bowl that I am going to make a fountain out of...

Even the inside is beautiful...

The days are just flowing by. It seems there aren't enough hours in the day, though I know there are just the right amount. I just need to learn to use them more wisely.
I am yearning to be outside working on my new project. I have only been able to work on it the past two Saturdays. I am making a patio area in our backyard. My friend Barb and I went to Sherman Friday specifically to shop for our yards!! What fun and what a creative genius she is. I cannot "see" something until it is right before my eyes and she has the gift of envisioning things.

I found some patio chairs at Sam's Club for under $25 each and they can be stacked. They are simply perfect! I bought four of them, but really wanted eight.
We had gotten a reimbursement check and Donald gave it to me to spend on our yard. I went shopping for a table yesterday morning. It is such a shame you have to go out of town to find what you need. I couldn't find the table I wanted here. Barb dropped by yesterday afternoon and we decided to go back to Sherman to get more of the chairs. They are a seasonal item and if you don't get them while they are there, that's it. We went to Lowe's and I found the perfect round black wrought iron table I was looking for. It matches my chairs perfectly and I like my chairs better and though they are almost identical to the ones in the set they are $10 cheaper. I saved $80 on my chairs!

When we were there Friday Barb bought two of the neatest "bowls." They are scalloped at the top and are the most beautiful colors and shape I have ever seen. She was going to make a fountain and I had already decided I wanted some kind of water fountain in the corner in my backyard. It was so hard not to buy one yesterday. I really exercised self-control and didn't get it although I did buy the pump kit while they had them. I ended up buying more rock to match the free ones I had gotten last year. It was the exact bag and I couldn't pass that up either and after talking to Barb decided to just put more rock rather than trying to have a flower bed. In the long run it will be cheaper and less work. I tell you that girl is great!!

We got home and Barb gave me a birthday gift. It was the brown bowl I was wanting to buy!! She had bought it Friday and was afraid I was going to buy one and she would have to tell me not to. Now she has the job of showing me how to finish the project!

I can't wait to get in the yard and work on my patio. I still have to plant my vegetable seeds. I had started that yesterday, but when the opportunity to go back to Sherman arose that project went by the wayside. Maybe today I'll get them in the ground; remember I said maybe. Or not.
This afternoon Connie and Eddie brought me their glider for my yard. I was wanting to buy one and they don't use theirs so they gave it to me. Thank you both so much; I love it!! Pictures later.