Saturday, April 18, 2009

singing in the rain

It's been a while since I've been here. I've started a patio project in the backyard. It's been fun having everyone sitting around while I work. LOL I really do enjoy it! When they aren't there I just listen to my iPod and hopefully don't sing along with the songs. I have this thing I wear around my neck and I am able to listen to it through my hearing aids without wearing earplugs. I wear it inside my t-shirt though so people can't tell I'm listening to it. However when I'm listening to it it's on the telephone setting so I can't hear if you say something to me. I have just told my neighbors if I ignore them that I'm listening to my music!

Donald was off Thursday afternoon and yesterday. He helped me with the work on our patio and it was so much fun having him there. It started raining and we went to Taco Delite and got a cherry diet coke and I got a bean burrito with sour cream. I don't like sour cream that much, but Ben has me hooked on them. I guess it's just something different.

I ran out of bricks last week and Barb gave me some stuff she wasn't going to use and I was able to finish the part I had started over to the fence. Now we can move the table and chairs over and it's much nicer. We grilled hot dogs Thursday night and ate around our patio table again with the family. It was great! We have the best kiddos!! I am so proud of them all.

My friend Dustie has found some brick for me and when it stops raining we will begin to get those. I am so excited about this project! God is so awesome! After pricing brick and pavers at Home Depot I knew there was no way I could justify spending that much money to finish it.

The kids are enjoying the hammock; I have laid on it maybe a couple of minutes. There is just too much to do to lay there and do nothing right now. After it's finished I will lay there and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I need to get busy but the rain is making me lazy. I slept in this morning and since it has been pouring I doubt I'll be able to work out this afternoon. The outdoors is calling, but it's too cold to work in the rain.

Make a choice to rejoice in the Lord!

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