Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pretty in pink

Pretty in pink...

My latest project....

My bowl that I am going to make a fountain out of...

Even the inside is beautiful...

The days are just flowing by. It seems there aren't enough hours in the day, though I know there are just the right amount. I just need to learn to use them more wisely.
I am yearning to be outside working on my new project. I have only been able to work on it the past two Saturdays. I am making a patio area in our backyard. My friend Barb and I went to Sherman Friday specifically to shop for our yards!! What fun and what a creative genius she is. I cannot "see" something until it is right before my eyes and she has the gift of envisioning things.

I found some patio chairs at Sam's Club for under $25 each and they can be stacked. They are simply perfect! I bought four of them, but really wanted eight.
We had gotten a reimbursement check and Donald gave it to me to spend on our yard. I went shopping for a table yesterday morning. It is such a shame you have to go out of town to find what you need. I couldn't find the table I wanted here. Barb dropped by yesterday afternoon and we decided to go back to Sherman to get more of the chairs. They are a seasonal item and if you don't get them while they are there, that's it. We went to Lowe's and I found the perfect round black wrought iron table I was looking for. It matches my chairs perfectly and I like my chairs better and though they are almost identical to the ones in the set they are $10 cheaper. I saved $80 on my chairs!

When we were there Friday Barb bought two of the neatest "bowls." They are scalloped at the top and are the most beautiful colors and shape I have ever seen. She was going to make a fountain and I had already decided I wanted some kind of water fountain in the corner in my backyard. It was so hard not to buy one yesterday. I really exercised self-control and didn't get it although I did buy the pump kit while they had them. I ended up buying more rock to match the free ones I had gotten last year. It was the exact bag and I couldn't pass that up either and after talking to Barb decided to just put more rock rather than trying to have a flower bed. In the long run it will be cheaper and less work. I tell you that girl is great!!

We got home and Barb gave me a birthday gift. It was the brown bowl I was wanting to buy!! She had bought it Friday and was afraid I was going to buy one and she would have to tell me not to. Now she has the job of showing me how to finish the project!

I can't wait to get in the yard and work on my patio. I still have to plant my vegetable seeds. I had started that yesterday, but when the opportunity to go back to Sherman arose that project went by the wayside. Maybe today I'll get them in the ground; remember I said maybe. Or not.
This afternoon Connie and Eddie brought me their glider for my yard. I was wanting to buy one and they don't use theirs so they gave it to me. Thank you both so much; I love it!! Pictures later.

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Susan said...

That bowl will look terrific as part of your fountain. I'd love to come over to see it when you have it put together.

You've been a busy girl. The weather this spring has been the perfect time for you to work on your patio project.

I know you'll be glad when it's finished.