Thursday, June 11, 2009

after the storm

Your love surrounds me
Your love astounds me
Your love is everything

(Kari Jobe - Pure)

My heart is rejoicing with these lyrics today. They are running over and over in my head, and over again.

We had a storm last night. We knew it was raining hard and Hannah came into our bedroom and said a big limb was in the yard. Donald went to check and I stayed in our comfortable bed. This morning I realized it was a "big" limb, several of them in fact. It fell right beside our bedroom and we didn't even hear it; it fell right between our house and the street where Josiah's pickup was parked. It was like God directed it exactly where to fall so we wouldn't be damaged. There are a few leaves and sweet gum balls on the roof. Tuesday night at Celebrate Recovery Eddie asked the question, "How big is my God?" Big enough to keep us safe and tell the limbs where and how to fall!

I was out taking pictures this morning, all the while rejoicing at God's goodness and protection; our neighbor was on his way to work. He stopped and asked if we have a chainsaw and I told him no. He has one and said he will come over this afternoon after work and bring his saw! I didn't even ask God for help in cleaning it up, but I have absolutely no idea how we would have managed it.
My God is an awesome God!! Thank you, Father!

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