Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm sitting in our garage and the rain has stopped. It's dripping from the tree splattering on top of my van. The birds are singing, the cats are close by, and I'm perfectly content. I am so grateful for the break in temperature. You don't get many days like this in July in Texas. The northeast is blistering though, at least according to CNN.

Now it's raining again and I love the sound. People, don't take your hearing for granted. I've always had a hearing loss and the older I get the more I suffer with it. One of my hearing aids has decided to quit working and since it's over 7 years old and already been repaired several times, we've decided to get new ones. $4600 and that is with insurance paying $1,000. I am trying some demos and I can hear so much better with these. It's amazing how technology changes and improves. These "talk" to each other and I must say they are pretty amazing. When we get the part to fit right that goes inside my ear we'll be purchasing them.

My hearing loss was inherited from my dad and his side of the family. I saw an ear specialist in Dallas and there's not anything they can do for my type of loss. Sometimes they can do surgery, so if you have a hearing loss it might be worth your while to get it checked out. Who knows? Maybe you're a candidate for surgery. I would have it in a heartbeat if I could.

The rain seems to make everything so clean looking and the breeze is still blowing on my face. I'm looking out at the blooms on my squash and okra and still am amazed at how God grows my garden. The wheat seed has to "die" to grow. I guess it's the same for the vegetable seeds. I really don't know.

I love days like today. I do have to admit when I saw the temperature online and got excited about working in my yard I was more than a little disappointed when I saw the rain. But it has turned into the perfect day despite my disappointment. I just found some projects to do in the garage and I'm enjoying the outdoors also.

We make our plans and God directs our steps.