Saturday, July 3, 2010

it's time to get over it

It's a rainy Saturday morning on a holiday weekend. I slept late and am now watching soccer with Ben and Donald. I love sports; I'm not sure why though. Let me explain.

When I was in school I was never very athletic. Nor am I now, unless you call ripping up vinyl, tearing up carpet, hauling bricks, laying bricks, gardening, and doing tons of laundry being athletic. I always.....WHOA, Germany just scored again and the dude did a BACKFLIP after he scored!!!!!! Sorry, I tend to get sidetracked easily. But Germany just won the game people~!

As I was saying, when I was in school I always hated PE and standing there knowing I was not going to be chosen till the end. It was always the same and I was always embarrassed. There's something about standing alone or with one other person knowing that no one wants you on their team, but will have to take whoever is left standing. I always said if I ever taught I would never let kids choose sides. I would find another way to do it.

It was humiliating, and I still remember the feeling. On a more positive note ONE time in softball I actually HIT the ball and made it to FIRST BASE~! I still remember the elation I felt upon my success~! Still... and I'm 55 years old. See, I am definitely scarred.

I played basketball for six years. Well, maybe I should say I was on the team for six years. I went to a very small school and the only thing outside of schoolwork was basketball. When I was in seventh grade they were one person short of having enough to have a team. So the girls in eighth grade talked me into playing. I touched the ball occasionally, but that was about it. Why I continued playing I don't know. But I'm glad I did, cause in the eighth grade we had a fantastic coach and I enjoyed it much more. I still wasn't very good, but practiced often at home. I mostly threw up air balls in the gym, but I was so good at home. I was perplexed about this for years and after I started dating Donald I was telling him about it. He asked if I practiced on the goal that was in our front yard. I told him yes and he started laughing. He said it wasn't regulation height~! I never knew it because it looked totally different having nothing but space behind the goal versus a wall about three feet behind the goal in the gym. I would of been SO GOOD if they had lowered the goal the in the gym~!

When Donald started traveling about ten years ago I started watching basketball again with Ben. It was a bonding experience and he taught me lots about it. He knows players, statistics, rules, etc. If I like a player I grow quite attached to him. I fell in love with Steve Nash because he looked so little and cute. This was back when he played with the Dallas Mavericks. I affectionately called him "Little Stevie" and later found out he was 6'3" and taller than Donald. Wow, those other guys make him look sooo short.

When Donald was home on weekends he would watch with us. He didn't appreciate the fact that I talked throughout the game and screamed and hollered and jumped up and down. He wanted me to sit there and watch the game "quietly." Those of you who know me well knows darn well that "quietly" isn't part of my vocabulary, much less my makeup. He eventually gave up and I scream and holler all I want. Our kids' friends would come over to watch me watch the game. I had quite a reputation going there for a while.

Basketball is my favorite. I will watch college football (I don't care for pro), baseball, and soccer.

I can't stand golf. For the life of me I can't see what's so exciting about it. I mean, they don't even get exercise, they ride around in those little carts. Maybe that's the fun of it though. Sorry if you love golf. I don't mean to offend and obviously I don't understand.

I loved it when the kids played soccer. Donald had to strongly reprimand me once and tell me I was going to get thrown off the field if I didn't shut up. But hey, someone was messing with my kid and that's something you DON'T do. Play by the rules and be nice; is that so hard??? Obviously it was for this guy and the refs didn't see it or call I did. What's so wrong about that???

The soccer game is over and Germany won and the only sad thing is that Dirk wasn't playing. Yeah, I know, he plays basketball not soccer. But he's from Germany and one of my favorite players. He would have been great~! :)


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