Friday, April 27, 2007

green weeds

Ever since we have lived in our house we haven't had much grass. The weeds grow abundantly though and are really nice and green this time of year. We have several large sweetgum trees in the front yard, but no grass. We have thrown out grass seed to no avail. Our neighbor gave me some type of ground cover a couple of years ago. She said you couldn't kill it....just stick in the ground and keep it watered. I killed it.

Lots of our neighbors have lawn services do their lawns. They have grass and it always look so nice. Of course, I think anyone who has grass has the greatest lawn there is.

One year we had someone give us an estimate for soil, edging, etc. We decided we would rather eat than have a nice yard. I have joked that our money is in our kids' mouths. Orthodontics is expensive and we are on the last kid~! Maybe it's because I was always so self conscious of my teeth, but it has been so important to me for our children to be able to have braces. Now I am on to teeth instead of grass. It's a zigzag path, but the two do relate. And sometime down the road I intend to have much green grass with fewer weeds~!

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Erica said...

Yay! I have been visiting your blog every so often, waiting for posts. :)

I can totally relate to a lawn without grass! I think living here in town has been the first time since I was 7 that I can remember actually having a lawn to mow! It's always been big weeds that you have to defeat with the weed eater!