Thursday, November 6, 2008

colors of my fall

A bit of spring lingers into my fall.

More glorious colors of fall

I couldn't interest Hannah in taking my pictures this morning so I did it. This isn't very good, but the colors are awesome.

A beautiful red heart just leaps when I see these.
God creates such beautiful things for us to enjoy.

This makes me think of the picture Ben drew when he was little. He called it "bird in a storm." I still haven't found it, but I'm sure I put it in a place for safe keeping and just haven't ran across it yet. Even though it's just a lot of pencil marks it is priceless to me.

I was experimenting with my stones for my bench. I did this and decided it looked terrible. I just left it though because I didn't have any better ideas that I could do at the time. That night I couldn't sleep and I got up and googled "stone benches." I found out that you can make them any way you want and I found one similiar to this one. My friend Pam was over and suggested moving my little bird under the shelter of the bench and moving my big pot over also. Now I absolutely love it.

This is the stuff that God provided this morning...mulch, sand, rocks, compost, top soil, and potting soil. I'm going to let Donald think I bought it all and then tell him that we were blessed. Thanks, Pastor Paul, for the heads up. And thanks to Daniel for his muscle work. Some of these bags are HEAVY. I still have bricks left that I picked up this summer. I am already pondering on a project for the back yard. I just love the word "ponder." It is full of so many possibilities!

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Anonymous said...

From the looks of the bags you have a lot of work to do. Have fun.I love your rabbits and the plants look great. You are doing a wonderful job. Go for it girl!!! :)
Love you CR partner