Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whew, glad that's over!

I survived the dreaded day. It all went well except for being dehydrated and having to wait for the doctor to get out of surgery. I was allowed in the room where Donald was waiting for his procedure since I was having one also. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not. Yes, I liked seeing Donald, but not so much the five or six foot long thing that would travel up my colon. Of course, Donald had to point that out to me with much grandeur. Being in the medical profession all these years must have made him immune to all these things. Me, not so much. I was beginning to wish I had made my escape while I had time (while I was still in the waiting room after they took him back....I even had the car keys in my purse! The only thing that stopped me was that I had survived the night before and didn't want to do it over.)

The only thing that remains are shown in the pictures. To brag a little bit I installed the hardware and downloaded the pictures after only asking Rebekah and Hannah two questions!
This is all I have left to show that I really did it. This is my arm where the IV was inserted. The one above is to show it really is my arm. The guys proudly show off their bruises from playing paint ball so I guess it's okay to show off mine. Why it would be fun to get bruised I just don't understand.

Victory at last! I was SO glad to be finished with my gallon jug of stuff. I swear they put soapsuds in there! This is kinda like my trophy sort of thing.

This is what I did at church the Wednesday night before. I was so nervous about the next day I don't remember too much of what Pastor Paul said. I drew on my napkin instead of taking notes like I usually do. Sorry, Pastor Paul; maybe I can concentrate now that it's over.


Anonymous said...

So happy you made it!!!!!
I have to say, that napkin is the prettiest bunch of doodles I've ever seen!lol
Well was it as bad as you were anticipating. (is that jug in the trash as big as it looks,geez) Dustie

Sarah said...

It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Drinking the stuff and running to the bathroom was the bad part. And YES, the jug actually held over a gallon. I'm glad I wasn't aware of that when I started! Donald even said it was hard for him to drink it all, so that proves to me it was hard. God just poured out His grace on me and helped me through it.
As for the doodles, part of it was already on the napkin and I just traced over it; then I filled in with my artwork. Lots of nervous energy shown there! LOL

Anonymous said...

The best part is when the doctor tells you no more gallon jugs for ten more years, right? LOL! So happy everything went well. Isn't it fun being in the "Club" now?!!