Wednesday, February 25, 2009

all bent out of shape

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday on the phone. Then I got my new leaf blower and blew leaves around the yard to relieve all the stress of being on the phone most of the afternoon. I HATE INSURANCE! I know I should be thankful we have it, but right now I'm trying to trust God with a situation.

It seems the tests Donald and I had that were covered at 100% has turned into a large bill. About $2200 to be more accurate. It seems they are only paid at 100% if the doctor finds absolutely nothing... as in not having a colon????? Because of the insurance code the doctor used for the diagnosis they are no longer considered a screening, but a medical claim. Which means it's a loophole for not paying like they said they would. In case you didn't catch it earlier... I HATE INSURANCE and have came up with a much better name for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I'm also upset at our company for saying they had changed their policy and that that test is now covered at 100%. They need to have a disclaimer on that one.

It's not because we didn't do our homework on this. In fact, I even have a message on my cell phone stating it would be covered that way. We spent several hours working on this one.

My friend Connie simply talked to me about trusting God and not being angry at Him because He allowed this to happen. THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR! I guess I should just tell Him if He wants to spend His money on those free tests to go right ahead; however, I am still in the process of being angry and venting. I WILL get around to having the right attitude, but not at the moment.

I'm glad God has patience and is merciful. He's probably having a good chuckle right now and saying something like, "She's at it again!"

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