Thursday, May 14, 2009

do they really expect me to believe this???

another e-mail.....

this is to inform you that your funds $1.8 Million dollars due has been uploaded into corporate visa card,and it has registered it with dhl company and delivery will be shipped,A Tax/Stamp Duty must be procured according to the new customs creed and the essence ensure a hitch-free delivery and the amount is $75.usd only,contact director Mr.John Brown
E-mail:(................) tel:+(taken out since I don't want you to get my millions!) send your info to them,1 your full name 2 Your home address:telephone. Dr Peter Gibb

I do think if I was sending these I would come up with a catchier name than John Brown.

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Anonymous said...

Not only a better name, but a knowledge of the English language. This is straight from the Taliban! Sadly, people are taken "in". Need more smart ladies like you! Shirley