Monday, December 15, 2008


Can you believe this weather?? Yesterday I considered turning the air conditioner on. Today when I came out from putting up my cards at Kroger my van was iced over. I mean really iced! Iced so well that my ice scrapper didn't do any good. I think I needed an ice pick instead. I finally got the windows defrosted enough I could get some ice off to see to drive to Brookshires. After I left there I had to repeat the procedure. Fast forward a few hours and I repeated these actions again after leaving Walmart. My wipers, doors, and windows all froze. Tonight I am staying inside. I am anticipating a hot bath and crawling under our electric blanket to watch the Mavs.

Today while working for Hallmark I had a gentleman ask me if I could help him find a card. He needed a particular card for a particular person and a particular age. It was really neat that I could take him right to it. A few months ago I cringed when someone asked me for help as I hadn't learned the locations of the cards yet. Now I am much more familiar with what I have and where it is. I was thinking about this and how I can help those I encounter in my little part of the world.

You see we really can have an effect on people. I had someone lift my spirits and encourage me right before Thanksgiving. I was entering the store for the third day in a row just to prepare our Thanksgiving meal. I really was dreading it because the day before people were frowning, hurrying, and blocking the aisles at every turn. I really didn't want to be there again. As I entered the store a lady smiled at me. Not your ordinary smile but an encouraging beautiful smile that said she really was enjoying life. I stopped and thanked her for her smile. She seemed to really appreciate my thanks. I know she certainly changed my attitude and affected my life with that simple gesture.

All this to say that we can make a difference in some one's day no matter how small a role we have. Just a smile can make a huge difference to someone. I know it did to me.

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Erica M said...

Hallmark?!?! I thought they closed down! did they move, and if so, where to? I loved Hallmark!!

Hope you guys are all staying healthy and warm!