Saturday, July 12, 2008

around and around they go

I looked out my kitchen window this morning to watch my very own action packed saga. We have a tree not too far away from the window and I saw Hannah's cat's tail end sticking out from one side of the fork in the tree. On the other side, hidden under a very large branch, was a squirrel, totally plastered to the side of the tree. Jupiter must have known the squirrel was there for he kept looking and looking and couldn't find him. Finally the squirrel moved a bit and Jupiter was quick to pick up on it. I'm not sure why, but the squirrel didn't run and the cat didn't chase it out of the tree. They just kept circling around....the cat in the fork of the tree and the squirrel plastered to the truck of the tree beneath.

Ben arrived home and saw what was going on and rescued the poor squirrel. He took Jupiter out of the tree and gave the squirrel time to get away. It didn't seem he was moving very fast to me. Either he was exhausted, in shock, or maybe the cat had already gotten a hold of him.

Gee, Eddie. If I'd known it would have lasted that long I would have called you to come over. As it is, you will have look somewhere else for your squirrel stew.

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