Tuesday, July 1, 2008

celebrate the little things

Pastor Ron's son, Philip, was our speaker for Jubilee Sunday. Every month that has five Sundays we eat together after the service. It is always a good time with our church family. Pastor Philip's message was really thought provoking for me. He mentioned reinventing ourselves to accurately portray the nature of God. I've been wondering what God would have me do to do this. He spoke about how he was working on being kind to people, looking them in the eye and speaking, and offering to help them when he could. I thought about this yesterday as I was very much into my own business as I hurried to my van to come home. I looked up and smiled at this older lady who looked kind of tired and sad. She almost smiled back at me. It didn't hurt a bit or cost anything to give her an encouraging smile. How many opportunities do I miss because I am busy with "my" own doings??

He also said that we want people to believe and behave like us, then we will accept them and they can belong. That is being a Pharisee. Believing and behaving shouldn't be such a big issue.

Church - it is what it is. There are little things we can do to change for the better. He also mentioned "professional Christians" being the only ones Jesus got upset with. Man, I sure don't want to be one of those. I'm sure I am at times, but I thank God for delivering me from a lot of things that really aren't important in my relationship with Him.

It was a wonderful Sunday~!

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