Sunday, June 29, 2008

looking good

I just woke up from a nap, a three hour nap actually. I well deserved it too!

I know my blog has been all about the changes our front yard is undergoing. Well, this one is more of the same so if you're not interested you may want to find something more interesting. I won't be offended at all. Shucks, I won't even know unless you tell me!

I have been so blessed and so amazed at what my heavenly Father has done for us. Our yard has been a really pitiful sight for a long time. Pam and Rick blessed us with the soil, Barb's friend gave me LOTS of plants, Ben bought me some stones for a walkway, and Connie has plants for me when I get to the other part of the yard! Pam told me this morning at church that they will be taking some up more soil in the future and we can have it also! I am so grateful to God and all our friends who have helped.

Friday I spent about 12 hours setting out plants. Friday night I HURT SO BAD! I didn't sleep well at all. I decided about 5:30 to get up and take some ibuprofen. I checked email which I had neglected and planned to go back to bed and sleep a while longer. By then I was even wider awake and it was cool outside so I thought I'd just go out and set out the rest of my plants. I worked for about 4 hours and had gotten them all in the ground except for the flat of Mexican Heather I had bought. I had NO IDEA where to put it and wasn't even satisfied with some of the places I had put stuff. I was just finishing picking up things when Barb drove up. She said she had 2 hours to give me!!! I really think it ended up being longer, but I'm not complaining. I showed her what I didn't particularly like and she made some suggestions and it is perfect! She is so good at gardening! I dug up some of the stuff I already had and we set it out with the heather. She has a natural ability at knowing where to put things so they will look good.

I will definitely have Hannah take pictures soon and hopefully I'll have something new to talk about. Now I have to go buy cat food as the poor cats will have to eat dog food for breakfast the way things stand. I have totally neglected things around here! But oh, our yard is looking good!

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