Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bethany Erin

Our daughter, Bethany, has written things for as long as I can remember. She's actually a great writer. She's written some of her feelings about her writing on her blog.....

She's written a children's book and the founder of a publishing company read it at a conference a few years ago and loved it. He told her if she ever wanted to have it published he would! How exciting is that?? It costs a LOT of money to have your book published though. She has taken some time off from college and is working and saving and WILL see her dream fulfilled.

How I would love to just hand her a check for the whole amount and tell her to go for it. I'm sure it will mean more to her that she's done it this way. I think we as parents often make things too easy for our children. I know I would if we were able to.

I'm so very proud of her. She has a way of putting words on a page that makes me almost envious. Note I said "almost." I'm thankful that God has given her that ability. He will use that in her life because it is a gift He has given her.

You can be sure when her book is published I'll be one of the first to proclaim it. I guess maybe I ought to let her be the first.

Bethany, I love you! Go for your dreams; God says He will us the desires of our heart if we seek after Him. You make me proud!

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