Monday, June 9, 2008

when it rain it sometimes pours

pretty petunias More pretty flowers in a not so pretty pot.
Trio of tomatoes with grass trying to spread!
When it's not too hot we love to sit out here with the fresh air and flowers. The cats usually come up and get in our laps when we relax. Even the girls bring their books out to read and often sit here just talking. Rebekah blessed me with two more of the chairs last spring so four of us can sit quite comfortably.

Another tomato begins to turn

beautiful begonias

mix of petunias and begonias
my first tomatoes! I plan to eat them tonight.
yellow squash
blurry, but a baby squash ( I took all the pics except the red tomatoes.)
another squash beginning to grow
These are quite an accomplish in my mind. However to stay quite positive I did NOT get a picture of the dying plant in our hallway. I have a very difficult time with houseplants. We just don't get enough direct light for them to thrive.

tomato plant in the front yard
It is absolutely pouring outside. It just started in the last few minutes. Guess I won't have to water tonight. That's where I got the idea for my very original title.

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bethany said...

you should enter your maters in a county fair! ;)