Thursday, June 12, 2008

go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200

Wow, I'm hot. I have been ironing for at least the last hour and a half. That's what I get for neglecting my ironing basket. I have been busy doing other things so it wasn't intentional; well, maybe just a little bit. (grin)

I also slept in this morning. It was one of those rare mornings when I didn't have to have a car so I took advantage of it. I am still taking advantage as I am still in my comfy pj's. I am convinced that if we need clothes in heaven they will be as comfortable as my pj's. I was up late this morning working on my summer class taping schedule. I am taping a year's worth of Biology and Chemistry in 6 weeks. It is a LOT of work making sure the timers are set correctly, that they record, and then I review the tapes to make sure I got what I needed. I'm still doing it the "old" way with VCR's. We are almost finished and except for the lack of space required for the tapes, I can't think of a reason why we need to spend all that money to update. I hope the VCR's hold out until we finish. You can't buy just a VCR at Wal-Mart anymore. They are a DVD/VCR combo. We already have quite a few DVD players so I don't need those.

While I was ironing I was thinking about things. Ironing is a good time for me to think and talk to God while I work. This morning I was mostly thinking. Hannah is sitting in MY comfortable chair reading a new book. That's where to find her if she's reading. I was thinking about years ago when we first started homeschooling. We received quite a bit of opposition when we announced our plans to home school Rebekah. Back then it wasn't nearly as common as it is now. We had people telling us we would go to jail, that we couldn't do it, our kids wouldn't be socialized, etc. I remember someone asking us incredulously if "we" were going to teach our kids to read. Home-SCHOOL remember? Yes, we will teach them to read.

And read they do. All of them, except one, LOVES to read and the one who doesn't love to CAN read. Huge difference.

We are officially finished with school! My next two projects are to get all the books off the table in the dining room and get organized for the fall. Now I have to go find a place on the bookshelves for the tapes I'm recording.

Life is good. Thank you Lord for my family and home and friends and..............

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