Friday, June 27, 2008

oh, what a day!

I had the most wonderful day yesterday, and I mean all day. It started off by meeting Barb at 8:30 and we dug ajuga and monkey grass in her neighbor's yard. Her neighbor had graciously shared with me. We worked until after 11:00 and decided to take it my house where Barb would help me with the layout.

On the way we decided to drive through McDonald's and get lunch. We saw Sherian inside and I started waving and saying her name. I think everyone in there saw me, except Sherian. Finally one of the employees took pity on me and went and told her there was a lunatic at the drive through window waving frantically and disturbing their dinner run. We decided to take our food into the restaurant and crash Sherian's dinner date with a coworker.

Now remember we had been working outside all morning and weren't exactly dressed for the part. That's one of the neat things about getting older, at least for me. I just don't care if I'm not all slicked up when I go out in public. Now I wouldn't go to a wedding in that attire, but you get my drift hopefully. We had a fun lunch and on the way out saw Rebekah in the drive though line and said hi to her.

We arrived at my house and unloaded the plants. We then went to Reno to buy some more plants. They were having a sale on them. Barb helped me choose caladiums and another flat of something I had bought the day before. I can't remember what it's called and there wasn't one of the little thingies telling you the name. Then we went shopping at Tuesday Morning, still in our garden clothes. I was having so much fun I really don't know if we got any looks or not, but we obviously didn't care! We selected a gift for Cathy, Barb's neighbor, and Barb found some stuff for herself. We came back to my house where Ben was working on my berm. I had made it too straight.

By this time it was about 4:00 and Barb needed to go home. Ben went with us and after we dropped her off we went to Atwoods where he bought me some flagstone for my path by my berm. He's even going to lay them for me. What a neat son! After we ate I went outside to lay the stones so Ben would know where to put them. I ended up having them pretty much in a straight line and they just didn't look right. I was thinking that I wished Barb was here and not too long after that she, Jon, and Logan drove up! She showed me that they actually fit together! I got totally frustrated trying to figure which way to turn them to get them to fit so she ended up doing them for me. I think I got one right.

It's a wonderful blessing to have good friends. It seems they often have the knowledge and abilities that I lack. Hopefully I have something I can share with them at some point.

I've already spent 3 hours in the yard and am on my way back there now. I just had to tell you about my wonderful day. It's been a "l-o-n-g" time since I've spent a whole day having fun!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you had a fun day. It is so great to relax after feeling like we had to be doing everything right all the time. God's grace is so good!!!
Barb has truly been a blessing to you. I will have to drive by and see the work. You still need to get sweet potato vines from me if you need them.

Erica said...

Sounds like a BLAST! I LOVE yard work! If you're ever going out to mess around in the yard and want company, just holler out your back door, and I'll come running. haha