Wednesday, June 18, 2008

adjectives and verbs


Smoking the net
Put the clamps on

What do these words have in common?? They describe the NBA Celtic Championship Win last night! I have a whole new bunch of boys! Now I still like the Mavs, but since they didn't stay in the playoffs very long I am just thrilled that Boston won it! I don't think there's one on their team that I don't like. I really do like them; it just wasn't because I DO NOT like the Lakers. Here's a couple of words from some sports articles that describe them. Their list wasn't quite so long.

Lakers didn't show

Now this is the probably the first and last time you'll hear me praise Kobe Bryant so don't miss it. This is what he said according to Fox Sports, ""They were definitely the best defense I've seen the entire playoffs," Bryant said. "I've seen some pretty stiff ones and this was right up there with them. The goal was to win a championship, it wasn't to win MVP or anything like that, it was to win a championship." He must of been in a daze. He's usually much too arrogant to do anything other than praise himself.

Final Score: Boston Celtics 131 Los Angeles Lakers 92

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