Sunday, June 22, 2008

berms and ground cover

Yes, I'm still around. Since basketball is over I had to find something else to do! I have been working in the yard every chance I get. I didn't even cook a meal last week because I was outside or trying to catch up on what had to be done inside.

Our front yard needs so much work. I had prayed several times for soil. We can't grow grass underneath the sweet gum trees and soil had washed away and tree roots are all over the place. Since we had rather eat than buy dirt, I finally just prayed for it. Our friends, Rick and Pam, had a huge pile of dirt in their backyard that they didn't want. They gave it to us! I am so excited about it. (You are probably thinking I get excited over strange things, and yes, I do.)

Connie and Eddie loaned us their truck and Donald and the boys spent Saturday hauling soil. Three truck loads to be exact! I went for the first load and spent my time in the back of the truck leveling it out and pushing it to the back. It was HOT in the sun. So I opted to stay behind in our yard for the next two loads and work in the shade. I spent much time praying for the guys (and Rick) who were sweating it out in the hot sun.

I LOVE Pam's back yard! It is perfect! I told the guys to look closely because that's what I want someday. They probably rolled their eyes behind my back, but it is so beautiful. Then we were at Jon and Barb's Saturday night and I decided they could probably build a deck also! My ideas always mean work for them.

Anyway I sorta kinda have built a berm. I have decided I want to be creative and not just have a flat yard, thanks to ideas from Barb and Pam. I'm just going with the tree roots, high places, the existing ground cover, and adding to it. I'll have to get pictures when I've made more progress. It is going to be wonderful!

Earlier last week I bought some St. Augustine sod and the boys helped me get the ground ready and lay it. It's only a start, but it will look good in front of my ground cover. It gets sun there and I've been watering like crazy, so hopefully it will live.

The switch from watching basketball to yard work has been quite a change for my body. I have plenty of muscles that are protesting my strenuous labor.

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