Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a squirrel??

I was outdoors early taking advantage of the cool morning. I was also praying for my family and thanking God for the cool breeze that was kissing my face. I got a lot done and now need more ground cover or mulch.

As I was raking I heard a crash behind me and a squirrel whizzed past me and ran across the street to our neighbor's huge tree. A small dead branch lay about 4 feet behind me. I guess he was going about his morning business and the branch wouldn't support his weight. Poor fellow; I hope he wasn't hurt. If I had been a few feet over he might have fallen on me! For a moment I felt that I had stepped into a Rocky and Bullwinkle show.


Anonymous said...

Eddie says don't worry if the squirrel was hurt or not. It would have been better if the limb had hit the squirrel in the head and killed it. then you could have had squirrel stew. Excellent with biscuits and gravy.

Anonymous said...

Eddie and I drove by your house today and the yard is looking GREAT!!! Your hard work is paying off.