Monday, July 28, 2008

four o'clock

It seems as though I have taken an unplanned hiatus from my blog. It wasn't intentional even though I've felt I've had nothing to say. It seems when I start on a project (i.e. my yard) I am consumed/possessed/controlled by it until I get it somewhat the way I want it.

I'm really pleased with my yard. I believe our neighbors are also. I've had several good reports and reports from someone who heard some of these good reports. Follow? It doesn't matter. I'm happy and that's what is important at this time. My four o-clocks lived! When we got the soil there was a huge four o'clock on top of the pile of dirt. Ben tried to dig it up but accidentally cut a root off. Not to be daunted by mere technicalities I planted it anyway. It looked rather sad and wilted until Barb came over and knew exactly what to do. She cut it way back so the roots wouldn't have so much to support and now it looks brand new. I got so excited when the first flower bloomed that I did a little dance in the front yard rejoicing over my cherished plant. I love four o'clocks because my Aunt Maude had them and would let me play with them when I was little. Each afternoon I had to wait until 4:00 p.m. to make my annual trek across the street to her house. She and Uncle Henry were kind of like grandparents to me since I didn't know my real ones. We made stick dolls and played games and did all sorts of neat things which totally captivated my mind and imagination. Thus, the reason for the dance when my own four o'clock bloomed!

My mom and her dog, Maggie, have been here since Friday. I took them home this morning. I think Bright is glad to have the house to himself now. He is rather depressed as I have been cleaning carpets, mopping, vacuuming furniture, and such. He really doesn't like it when we clean. Immediately after I vacuumed the back of the couch he started rubbing up against it again. He HATES Febreeze! I guess he prefers his own odor to a nice clean smell. BTW, I work very hard to keep a decent house since we have an indoor pet. He doesn't seem to appreciate my work at all.

Dinner's here. Donald and Bethany went to Popeyes since I've been cleaning. I'm hungry so I better go and grab a bite.

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