Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I went with Rebekah and Bethany to see Twilight Sunday afternoon. We went to Sherman where they have nice, comfortable stadium seating. It was well worth the money, even if I didn't pay for it. Thanks, Bethany! They have been wanting me to see it for quite some time. I kept making excuses, but finally I took them up on it. It was wonderful! I totally enjoyed it; it fact I enjoyed it so much that I started reading the book last night!

I never dreamed I would get into a vampire movie, but this one is good! Heck, I may even join the Edward Cullen fan club on Facebook!

If you don't hear from me for a while it will be because I'm spending all my free time reading. Er, honestly it will be because I'm neglecting my responsibilities to read Twilight. Catch you later.


Hannah said...

I'm the one who got bekah and bethany hooked, and I tried to get you to read them when I was. Haha. :)

Sarah said...

That's right, Hannah. I guess you are the one to blame when I don't get my work done!

pinktealetters said...

you know it's completely your fault that i can't distinguish the difference between reality and fiction. if you hadn't read to me, given me books and taken me to the library weekly during childhood i might be somewhat "normal" and watch tv shows like everyone else.

on second thought... thank God you did!

pinktealetters said...

btw: *MUAH* love you!

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