Thursday, January 22, 2009

pictures will come later...maybe

I am now the proud owner of my very own digital camera. I finally bought a Sony yesterday. I have been looking and surfing and comparing prices for weeks now. I had a couple of brands in mind and one of them I was thinking about went on sale at Office Max. It was marked $179.00 with a $50 instant rebate; that's $129.00 for those who don't like to do the math. Then I got a $20 off $100 coupon in the mail this week from Max Perks. I also had a $12.00 credit from selling my printer cartridges there. So I got a deal that even I can be proud of . Now if I can figure out how to use it I'll be doing great. I couldn't even get the memory card in and Ben had to show me how to take it out of the little thing. At least I got that part right; it was too big to fit if you left it in the computer thingie. As you can see I'm very good at this stuff. Reading the manual was no help at all except for getting the battery and memory card in and turning it on. There is just too much stuff that it can do.

I've been out raking leaves this afternoon. It was so wonderful to be outdoors again. I am so ready for spring! I am going to have to buy a leaf blower to get the leaves out of the rest of my yard. I will pull my Asian Jasmine and other things up if I try to rake it. At least it looks better than it did. And I've really been enjoying my pansies and their color this winter. Quite lovely.

I have to figure out what to fix for dinner now. How about popcorn or cereal?? Nah, that probably won't work. Maybe it will be a "fend for yourself" night. My kids really love those!

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