Thursday, January 1, 2009

new and old

Happy New Year to all! In keeping with my traditions I have made no New Year's resolutions and will not serve black eyed peas. I love what Pastor Joseph used to say...that he'd eat black eyed peas any day except the first of January. My friend, Donna, said that her kids' could wear new clothes to church any day except Easter. I guess I'm a rebel at heart because these things thrill me!

My cousin's son found us on Facebook. I'm having so much fun with it; if you haven't joined you should. Will sent me an invite to Geni and in looking around I found these pictures of my grandparents. I had helped Daniel do some family research when he took a genealogy class in our home school enrichment classes. I found that my great-great-great-great-great (I think I've gotten them all) was born in Ireland in the 1700s. His name was Peter Patrick McCormack and now I know where I get my stubbornness.

Btw, the lady above is my grandmother, Clara Wallace Fry, and the gentleman on the right is my grandfather, Tom Fry. I wish I could find a picture of Peter Patrick McCormack. Maybe I better get interested in this genealogy stuff again.

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