Tuesday, August 19, 2008

another project phase II

I actually hauled about a hundred more after this picture was taken.

This is where my walkway will be. See the tree roots??

Bricks.....cleaned and waiting to be placed lovingly in their position.

Donald helped for a while but stepped out of the picture. Ben even got in on the project for a bit. It sure helps because the mortar is old and really comes off easily.

I'm going to take the black edging away and plant some ground cover. Barb's neighbor is going to move some plants and said I can have the ajuga in her front bed. God provides even before I know I'm going to need it!

I started another project Saturday. I officially ended the beginning of it yesterday. Barb, Logan, and I met at 7:00 and hauled brick. Logan was a huge help. We worked without him last week and it sure makes a difference having another person there. Thanks Logan!

I came home and started cleaning brick and continued working on the walkway that I started Saturday. Barb and Shiela came by right after I had started and reminded me to take "before" pictures. I actually thought of it before I started our front yard, but was so disgusted with the way it looked I didn't take any. Now I wish I had.

My hands hurt and I have bruises galore. I thought about taking a picture of my legs for my blog and if I had nice looking legs I probably would. Since the picture isn't here you can easily ascertain that my legs aren't that nice looking!
I was going to move the pile of bricks to the back yard today but it's supposed to rain. Yesterday I just worked in the rain because I was under the tree and it served as my umbrella. God is awesome!

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