Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what you've been waiting for...or not

my baby (photo by Hannah)
Sweet potato vines from Conniespreading after the rains
pieces of stone for a bench
What doesn't belong? Can you find it?? Look closely.
Aha, this is it! No, it will not stay there and I will NOT plant anything in it. We have a new commode in our bathroom and this is the old one.

Before picture

See my table and chairs?? We had a fundraiser at church and bought chances on several different Home Interior items. This was what I wanted; coveted is really a better word. I didn't win it though! :o(

I really was sad, but glad that our pastor's wife had won it. My attitude was, "Well, if I can't have it I'm glad someone I love won it." I know that wasn't the best attitude, but I was trying. I came home from work after my first day and it was in my dining room! Susan had given it to me~! I felt so bad because I had really wanted it and Susan knew that. (In fact, I think everyone at church knew I wanted it.) I got a "talking to" from Connie on receiving, because I said I couldn't keep it. After talking to Susan I felt a lot better about her gift and now it is proudly sitting on my little patio area.

This is my first garden ornament. It is a gift from Barb who helped me tons with my yard. I absolutely love it.
These are my RED dwarf crepe myrtles. I was really bummed because they obviously aren't red but decided since they were thriving and ALIVE I had better keep them. Pam told me they go well with my four o'clocks so I feel a lot better about them.

God has provided more plants for my new flower bed. I am still amazed at His provision!

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Erica said...

Such beautiful plants!!!

I was going to tell you, if you need anything for shade I have some creeping succulent plant that is purple and quite pretty. It roots very well if you cut pieces and stick them in a cup of water for about 2 weeks. You're welcome to some of it! Plus, a friend gave me a purple/green viney plant that is also for shade and roots well. :-)

Ah yes, and behind Ryan's office they have 2-3 different ivys that are beautiful! I'm planning to take some cuttings of those soon, so if you want any, let me know!