Friday, August 29, 2008

just say no

I really dislike shopping for myself. I also hate spending money on clothes for myself. I don't have any problem spending it on Donald or the kids. I don't have trouble spending it on the yard or for something inside the house. I just don't like parting with it for clothes for me. Part of that may be that I have trouble finding things that fit. Maybe I'm an odd size or maybe I just don't have patience to try on very many items. I usually try on a couple of items and get frustrated and leave.

I was in a store day before yesterday browsing. I can wear jeans/capris to work but not t-shirts with words. That leaves me with not much that's comfortable that I can wear to work. Now I am definitely a jeans/t-shirt type of gal so I went looking for blouses that would be comfortable and go with my jeans or capris. I found a 70% off rack with an additional 33 1/3 % off. That almost sounds like they were paying me to take it off their hands, er... racks. I tried on a couple and they fit but I walked out without buying. (See I definitely have a problem here!) I did hang them where I could easily find them in case I went back. After talking with Donald he said I needed to go buy them. So after lunch yesterday I went back and found the ones I had tried on the day before right where I had left them. I went through the rack again and found a few others. I kept seeing a pair of capris that were my size hanging on a rack by themselves with the sale stickers on them. Eventually I took them into the dressing room and tried them on. They fit perfectly!

I ended up getting the capris and six blouses for $38.11. Now that's my kind of shopping, even if it did take me two days to spend it.


Erica M said...

Wow, what a deal! Good for you!

I'm like you... can't stand to spend money on myself. Clothes is one of those areas I struggle with too.

What store did you shop in?

Anonymous said...

way to go girl!!! I am very proud of you. You deserve to spend on yourself. cr partner

Erica M said...

I followed your lead. ;-)