Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To You

Today is Donald's birthday! Happy Birthday dear Donald.

I have his dinner cooking in the oven and only have to make the icing for his cake. Things are coming along nicely despite being gone this morning. I had a meeting I had to attend. Last year I totally forgot about it. I was quite pleased with myself that I remembered in spite of my busy week.

I worked all day Tuesday, well from 10:00 to 5:30. My boss is super sweet and really laid back and encouraging. I really like her a lot. My legs were killing me though. I'm not used to standing all day, not on hard floors anyway. I'm sure I'll adjust in time. At times I felt as though my brain cells had withered away or exploded, but I made it and am looking forward to next week.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I spent digging for brick. I have over 700 now. Today is the last day to look for them as they are coming to clean the mess up tomorrow. I wish I had had time to get more, but considering all that has gone on (three birthdays to cook for, a day working, CR, church, and my meeting) I did quite well. I only found out I could go on Monday. Barb and I went together yesterday and it was such a fun day. Actually we went twice, plus she made another trip by herself. She knew a man who lived up in one of the lofts and he said that the building had survived the fire of 1916 and was probably built in the 1880's. It's such a shame it burned to the ground, but I am glad I have bricks that came from there.

It's almost four and I still don't have a birthday gift so I better skedaddle. At least I have a couple of ideas.

I love you, Donald~!

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