Wednesday, August 13, 2008

are you talking to me??

Why is it that hard work makes me feel so good? I mean, I'm tired and sore, but I feel so satisfied. I have been hauling brick. They came from a very old building that burned down and are bigger and heavier than brick you buy now. Three of them are all I can carry at a time and I finally downed it to two, one in each hand. They are solid brick, no holes in these. I had to dig some of them from the rubble but many were just laying there for the taking. I did get permission from the owner so I am not stealing. I actually could say I went rock climbing today. Some were on top of the piles and I just had to have them. I thank God for keeping me safe and providing yet again for our yard.

Speaking of yards, ahem... I was unloading the brick and our neighbor came out to get his mail. He told me I am making quite a showplace! Did I hear that correctly? Really? Are you talking to me? Honestly I can say it made me feel quite good. Our yard has been a desolate barren wasteland for so long. I have NEVER gotten a compliment on our yard... ever. Now I am getting them right and left. I rather like it and appreciate the words of encouragement. I'm sure our neighbors are just glad I'm doing anything for it would look better than it did. I'm very grateful for the rain we've gotten for it's made a huge difference with my plants. I mean I have watered and watered, but it's not the same as a good rain from God.

I think I'm going to lay down a while and watch the Olympics. I've just about decided not to cook dinner either. The boys are going camping and Hannah and Sarah just had Taco Delite so everyone else can fend for themselves or make a sandwich. I've cooked two birthday meals and have another one Friday for it's Donald's birthday. Yes, I'm quite sure I've talked myself into not cooking!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the bricks. You are truly a blessing.
CR partner

Erica M said...

You'll have to post a new pic of the yard soon! I know the rain did a lot for ours too!! We'd been watering the grass, but it didn't really green back up till the rain. The plants and flowers seemed to like it too!