Tuesday, October 14, 2008

finally I laugh

For the first time since Sunday I have been able to laugh about breaking the blade off the ceiling fan. Thanks to Vicki for her comment I have finally been able to put it behind me. Her visual of me swinging on the ceiling fan did it for me. I might try it from the one in the dining room. I sure would like to have a new black one in there also.

I have a thousand things to do and yet here I sit. Oh well.....

Oh well seems to be my motto the last few years. I used to get upset about things (like the ceiling fan) and it sure is less stressful to just say "Oh well...." and let it go. Let sleeping dogs lie.

It's cloudy today and I'm hoping for rain. Enough to settle all the sand in our yard. If Donald hadn't helped me Saturday I don't think I would ever of gotten it all moved. I got a little over ambitious when I ordered it. But at least I had plenty for my sidewalk; I had more than enough for that project.

Oh well.....

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