Sunday, October 12, 2008

why oh why??

This has not been a good afternoon. I was dusting the ceiling fans and one of the blades broke off on the one in the living room. Rebekah asked me if it was because I was swinging on it. I can assure you it was not! Now I don't clean the ceiling fans often enough, but I haven't broken one before. I guess that's another reason for me to put on my list, "Why I should not clean the ceiling fans."

Donald and I went to Home Depot and bought another fan. In trying to install it he found out the first one was not installed properly. That meant several more trips to Home Depot and several trips up in attic for Ben. I feel horrible. I hate it when they have to go up there. It's all because of my desire to clean. In all fairness to myself, that doesn't happen often enough. But at least I haven't broken a fan before.

So now I have a son up in the attic hammering on something, a husband up on the ladder peering up into the hole where all the noise is coming from, and lots of insulation in the middle of the living room floor.

Why, oh why did I have to clean that fan??


Anonymous said...

Life happens!!! Don't get upset about it. Try to look on all of the good things about it. You will find them if you look. :)
Relax!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!!! CR partner

Vicki said...

LOL Oh Sarah, I so know how you feel. Well, at least you guys had a family project.
I've got a funny visual of you swinging on the ceiling fan now. lol
I love you.