Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm not sure I'll like it at all when everyone leaves home. Today was awesome! At lunch I made hamburgers for Daniel, Hannah, Ben, and Sam (one of my other "kids"). Bethany had jasmine rice and I fried okra for her. I made a salad for Donald and myself. By the time we were almost finished Rebekah came home. I hadn't cooked for her, but she was okay with it. (She doesn't usually come home at lunch.) She had came home for pie anyway. I had made pies yesterday: apple, coconut, and lemon. She knows our family pretty well and wanted to make sure she got some more before it was all eaten.

Anyway back to my story. The kids were all eating and talking and laughing. I looked at Donald and said, "This is a good life." He readily agreed with me. I love our kids and their friends so much! We are blessed with really special friends for our children.

It will be another season of life when they all have their own homes. It will be good and right, but it sure will take some getting used to for me.

Just so you know, I don't usually cook lunch. I totally surprised them today. I think moms need to do that occasionally; surprise them I mean, not necessarily cook lunch. It will be worth the hugs and smiles anyway!

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Anonymous said...

You truly are a wonderful mom. God has blessed you so much with such awesome children. Just to let you know God is faithful when they leave home and you will move into another part of your life.CR Partner