Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This lady was in my life for nine short months. I was only 6 years of age, but I still have the Christmas card she sent our family that Christmas. "Miss Opal" as she was fondly known to her group of first and second graders, had a tremendous influence on my young life. She continued teaching us the things I was taught by my parents. I still love her to this day.

This is a tribute to her life and influence. She died Sunday after celebrating her 102nd birthday. Her online obituary says these wonderful things about her...

...... Ople (Mills) Richardson Collard, a woman of indomitable spirit with a deep love for family, friends and former students passed away March 15, 2009 in Dallas, TX.

...…An elementary teacher for forty-five years in Fannin and Tarrant counties, she earned a B.A. degree from Austin College, Sherman, Texas and a Master’s degree from East Texas State Teacher’s College, now Texas A&M, Commerce, TX. A member of Ft. Worth Polytechnic Methodist Church, following the golden rule was her philosophy of life. She left us with the same dignity and strength with which she had lived…

We have home schooled now for almost 24 years. The highest tribute I can think of is this....if our children went to public or private school, I would choose her as their teacher if I could. I also think of Psalms 91:16....With long life will I satisfy (Miss Opal) and show (her) my salvation. (paraphrased by a loving former student who is still grateful for her love and influence in my life)

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Anonymous said...

How awesome to have had someone like this in the early part of your life. Always keep the memories. CR partner