Thursday, March 19, 2009



What a wonderful word; it's stocked full of amazing possibilities. One of these possibilities occurred yesterday. This is my story, none of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Rebekah had jury duty yesterday. Unbeknown to us, it had been cancelled. We never saw it in the newspaper. She came home with sausage and biscuits for everyone to celebrate...everyone that was home, that is. I am one of the lucky ones. She decided to take the rest of the day off from work and that is when it all began.

I suddenly found myself agreeing to taking the day off from school also. Now those of you who know me know that this just doesn't happen. Hannah, Rebekah, and I decided to go shopping in Sherman. I called Donald and he was in agreement; told us to take a "snow day." I never realized what fun snow days are; it's too bad we've only had one of them in the last 24 years of our home schooling journey.

We shopped and shopped and then ate at Olive Garden. I became totally spontaneous and went with something I had never tried on the menu. Once again, I'm pretty predictable when it comes to paying money for food; I want to be certain I'm going to like it. Because of this quirk I usually end up getting the same stuff at the different places we eat. I tried the Venetian Apricot Chicken and it was wonderful. I don't usually get chicken when I eat out either. Are you beginning to see why spontaneity is becoming one of my favorite words?

It was a wonderful day with two of my three favorite daughters. The only thing that could have been better is if Bethany could have been with us.

I'm beginning to get the hang of this.

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It's about time!!!!!!!!! love you! CR Partner