Monday, February 18, 2008

In need of a friend

Bethany and I have decided that Bright needs a friend. I think this one would do just fine. However we have a slight problem....Donald.
Now Donald doesn't appreciate our pets as much as the rest of us. Bright has won him over somewhat, but don't tell him I said that. I really was worried when he quit traveling several years ago. We had gotten Bright after he started traveling, so it was quite different when he was home all the time and not just on weekends.

Bright loved it when he came home; Donald would have liked him much more if he had been outdoors. Donald tried to buy him a doghouse at Sam's Club. I told him if he bought it he had better like it because he would be the one sleeping in it. He decided not to purchase it. Bright is definitely a "people dog" and wants to be with one of us most of the time. Usually someone is here with him so he isn't alone for long periods of time. I have to admit I take him (Bright) with me when I run errands as long as I don't have to leave him in the van. We went to Sherman several weeks ago and Rebekah literally was covered with dog hair from where Bright had been. Each time we would exit the van I would have to roll her clothes with the brush to remove the dog hair. I definitely have changed from the uptight person I used to be.

I really would like to have another dog, but I guess it's not gonna happen any time soon. I really think Bright would enjoy having a pal though.

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Vicki said...

Well, what if a loveable, cuddly (sometimes), cute bunny appeared on your doorstep? Would you turn him out in the cold?