Sunday, February 24, 2008

this ice cream is so good

Today is going to be one of those comfortable days for me. I'm still coughing from bronchitis and stayed home from church this morning. I actually didn't miss it at all; I slept until noon~! This afternoon I'm staying in my pajamas and watching my NYPD Blue dvd's and later on the Dallas Mavericks game.

I'm beginning to get adjusted to Jason Kidd; he seems like he may actually help my team. I would not make a good coach or owner. I would keep a team because I liked the people. I don't like it when they trade someone I like. It wasn't that I didn't like JK, I was just used to Devin and really liked him.

Donald has gone to Sonic to get me ice cream. He's such a sweetie.

Yesterday Daniel was several hours away playing paintball. We get a call from his friend at the ER that he was having staples put in his head. Evidently he had tried jumping through a hole in a brick wall and because of limited vision from his mask he had hit his head and Aaron had taken him to the ER. I could tell something was going on and it was about Daniel, so of course immediately I begin trusting God.........not hardly.

That's what I should of done, but my motherly instincts took over before I had time to choose how I would react. Donald told me he was okay. I thought maybe he was telling me that so I would leave him alone so he could hear. All reason goes out the window with me at times~! He really was okay though. They wrapped his head all the way around with a huge white bandage and it looked like a rather impressive injury. I know God isn't upset with me because I didn't trust Him at first. I chose to trust Him after my emotions settled down a bit and He understands.

Aaron got some really neat pictures of Daniel on the stretcher in the ER. He had his camo on and they were pretty cool. Daniel probably won't want me to put them on my blog so you'll just have to believe me when I say they looked really great.

Bethany is a lot like me. She was out running errands when she found out Daniel was in the ER. She told Rebekah she was going to the hospital. Rebekah told her he wasn't here, but in Antlers. Her response: "I'm going to Antlers. Where's Antler's???"

It's okay, Bethany. I totally understand.

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