Monday, February 4, 2008

No ram for God

We are going through this book in Sunday School. Sunday's lesson was about Abraham and Isaac and their trip up the mountain where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son. John Fischer told the story and you could envision the father and his son on their trek and just about see the expressions on their faces. It was almost as if I were hearing this story for the first time. That's a good thing in my opinion. Sometimes when going over something we've already read we just see it the way we've always seen it in the past.

He made a comment that there was "no ram for God." He was referring to the ram He provided for Abraham to sacrifice in place of Isaac. Then he reminded us there was "no ram for God." When God's only Son, Jesus, was sacrificed for our sins, there was no ram to take His place. All of this was planned by God's before the foundation of the world. How it must have grieved God for His Son to have to suffer.

Ephesians 2
4 But God is rich in mercy because of his great love for us. 5 We were dead because of our failures, but he made us alive together with Christ. (It is God's kindness that saved you.) 6 God has brought us back to life together with Christ Jesus and has given us a position in heaven with him. 7 He did this through Christ Jesus out of his generosity to us in order to show his extremely rich kindness in the world to come. 8 God saved you through faith as an act of kindness. You had nothing to do with it. Being saved is a gift from God. 9 It's not the result of anything you've done, so no one can brag about it. (God's Word Version)

No ram for God, but a Saviour for us.

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Emily said...

Looks like a wonderful book. Today in my devotions I studied about Abraham and all his amazing qualities/characteristics . .what an amazing man.