Thursday, February 14, 2008

purple flowers

One afternoon this week Bethany brought me this "flower." I absolutely love them. I think they may be called "henbit." Since I know my weeds almost as well as my flowers I could be mistaken. No matter what they are they are God's creation and simply beautiful to me. When the kids were little they would run in with handfuls of these and sometimes yellow dandelions and bestow them upon me. I would always put them in water and keep them as long as they would last. I love the memories this flower and the grin on Bethany's face brought back!
She was laughing and asked me why I didn't tell them they were weeds? She also said they always felt sorry for our neighbors because they didn't have "flowers" in their yard. So here it is years later and we still have them in yet another yard.
I laughed about this because our neighbor's yard beside us always looked like something out of "Better Homes and Gardens." Right beside this awesome view was our yard. Well at least we kept it mowed and the trash picked up. Move forward a little over a dozen years to another yard. We still have more weeds than grass. At least we are consistent!

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