Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Here I Sit

I should be cooking for Thanksgiving, but here I sit. I have so much to do today. I worked so hard yesterday to get schoolwork caught up for our break. That means I pushed the kids to get everything caught up so I'd be caught up. I did the ironing also. I want to enjoy our break; after I get all the cooking done. Today I'm so tired all I want to do is nothing~!

Our family loves Thanksgiving, yet we don't always have the traditional turkey. We prefer brisket, but since a grocery store had buy a spiral ham and get a free turkey we are having turkey tomorrow. (If I ever get it in the oven to cook that is~!) We will probably eat the ham and I'll use the turkey for turkey salad sandwiches. I'll just substitute the turkey for chicken and add lots of mayonnaise and pickles and my family will go for it. Last year I let everyone choose one thing they wanted me to fix and that's what we had for our meal. It doesn't matter whether it goes with anything else or not.

This is our menu for tomorrow along with who wanted what: Donald wants dressing and angel eggs (when our kids were little I called "deviled" eggs angel eggs). I guess he gets to choose two things since he's.......well, Donald. Rebekah wants homemade rolls. Bethany wants, as usual, broccoli casserole. Benjamin wants fresh green beans stir fried with olive oil, garlic, lemon pepper, etc. Daniel couldn't come up with anything that he wanted that hasn't been mentioned so I'm going to make him a chess pie. Hannah wants fruit salad and whipped cream (not cool whip) like my mom makes. We all agreed on mashed potatoes because I'm making egg gravy. I don't call it giblet gravy because I only put boiled eggs in it; not whole mind you, chopped boiled eggs. Since I only have one small oven holidays can be a challenge if I don't think ahead and plan on when to bake what. What do I want? Someone to clean up after we've eaten.

The kids usually watch the Thanksgiving Day parade while I cook. Later will be football for Donald. Then tomorrow night we'll put up the Christmas tree and exclaim over each other's decorations while we listen to Christmas music. After we're finished with the tree we turn off all the lights and ooh and aah a few times. We are always quite smug and satisfied after the tree is up and decorated. Then there's the Christmas movie to watch along with Chex Mix and egg nog or apple cider. Somewhere along the way we'll raid the refrigerator and have leftovers. This is our holiday tradition. It's great~!

I really do need to get busy. I have to go to the store again today, because Walmart was out of white cornbread mix and their bananas were really nice and green yesterday. My planning ahead always means another trip to the store.

We are so blessed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone~!

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