Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is an interesting picture of my dried flower arrangement on our hearth. Leave it to Hannah to come up with some incredible pictures. This one is looking down on it and you can see the rocks in the vase. (All pictures shown are taken by Hannah.)Who would have thought back in 1975 that we would have five incredible children????
Bright having a much needed bath. Now did they remember to clean their tub??
Donald's dragon from Thailand. Doesn't Rebekah find neat gifts?
My kitchen that I redid summer before last.
Our living room. Our hearth is in the corner. Donald let me buy the coffee table for my birthday two years ago. This is our first coffee table in years. We got rid of the old one because of limited space and never replaced it until this one.
The corner of our living room suits our computer just fine. Rebekah found this picture at Bed Bath and Beyond and Donald told me to buy it.
My color washed walls that Vicki did for me. The pictures were my Mother's Day gift. They say Faith, Hope, Love with scripture verses. You can see the hall that leads to the back two bedrooms and bath. This addition was what made our house work for our family.
My pretty flowers that Bethany brought me last night. She loves flowers~!

My new comforter from Rebekah and my color washed walls that I did.
I love this shot. I call it "3 in 1." It a picture of my bathroom, dressing area, and bedroom in one photo thanks to a large mirror and Hannah's photography skills. See my new shower curtain??

This is the only thing I have on my walls. Nothing I had matches. I kept trying to convince Rebekah that "something" would work with my new colors. Nothing does~! These are gifts from Bethany. Our children love to give.

I am so incredibly blessed. I have a wonderful husband, five incredible kids, a dog who adores all of us, a comfortable home, and so much more. But the most incredible thing of all is to be known by God. More on this later.


Erica said...

Hannah did a good job on the photos. Your bedroom turned out BEAUTIFUL! By the way, WalMart has some pictures kinda like the one you have there, fairly cheap, and they normally come in sets so it's easy to find matching things.

Other things that would be cool in your room: anything wrought iron; crosses, wall hanging candle scones or picture frames, or anything in a solid black frame!

Paul Dearinger said...

Wow! Nice job on your bedroom. I am impressed. You are a regular Martha Stewart (without the criminal record though).