Monday, December 3, 2007


After turning on the air conditioner yesterday a cold front came through in the late afternoon and we opened the windows. Nice cool air turned into frigid air overnight. It was 28 degrees when I got up according to I'm quite certain they are in the ballpark as it was COLD when I took Bright out this morning. He was even ready to come back inside! It's amazing how quickly the temperature can change.

Jeffrey's going away party was a blast. A lot of people came to say goodbye and we all squeezed into our living room, dining/kitchen, halls, and even my bedroom at times where I showed off my color washed walls. I'll miss him for sure. Hannah took some pictures and we prayed for him and ate and visited and had a good time (at least I did).

My goal for today is to get caught up with schoolwork from last week and at least do Physical Science and Algebra. Those classes are broadcast live each weekday and I do not like to get behind on them. With the kids' jobs and life happening it is far too easy to get behind. So I'm a woman with a mission to accomplish today. Pray for my kids! (and me)


bethany said...

by all accounts, it was a smashing success. standing room only always means people are having fun! :)

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