Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pretty Paper

My days off are rushing by without getting what I had planned accomplished. I still don't have anything on my bedroom walls. However I DO have the stuff to put on them. Rebekah found some awesome pictures (translated: EXCELLENT PRICE) at Burlington Coat Factory. I never would have thought to look for pictures at a coat store! I found the perfect one and it was only $30.00. The ones I had found that I really wanted were anywhere from $100 to $400. Like I'm ever going to pay that much for a picture!! I made black and white copies of some of the kids' pictures and also of Donald and me when we were dating. I have black frames and am going to get those hung sometime too. There is always so much that has to be done: like dishes, and laundry, and shopping, and cooking, and well........ you get the general idea.

Besides all that there is running around getting kids where they need to be. Mainly Hannah! She is one busy girl! Between choir practice and choir performances and her part time jobs and Christmas parties there are things she needs to get done also. I love my life. I also appreciate Ben's help with my schedule.

I spent the day yesterday cooking and getting Hannah and her friend Sarah places they needed to be. I told Donald I would bake stuff for him to take to work to give as presents. That was one big job and took an extra trip to the store, but they turned out nicely with Bethany's help putting the tissue paper into the sacks. You would think that would be easy, right?? For some reason it never looks quite right when I do it. In my spare time I think I'll take a "stuffing tissue in a gift sack" class. In the meantime I'll rely on Bethany!

Guess I'll go start the laundry and try to straighten up a bit. Then maybe I'll have time to hang some pictures.

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