Thursday, March 27, 2008


I think I'm in love! I haven't felt this way since the first time I saw Steve Nash play for the Dallas Mavericks. He was so little and so cute I couldn't help myself. A few days later I found out "Little Stevie" was taller than my 6 foot 1 inch husband! Now for the record, the love of my life is my husband Donald, and always will be. He understands, or at least I'm pretty sure he does.

I absolutely love my new washer! I have used it a total of four times since yesterday afternoon. That would equal 7-8 loads in my old one. It's amazing the way it works. In fact, I just stood there yesterday afternoon and watched it wash clothes. Donald came in from work and found me doing that very thing. I have been as happy as a kid in a candy store.

That thought brought back memories of when I was a little girl. We lived in a very small town, but at that time we had our own grocery store. I can remember when there were two! My mom would let me have candy when we went. I remember walking up and down the glass case, trying to decide what I wanted most. If I had fifteen cents to spend I thought I was rich. You could get a whole candy bar for five cents. There was so much penny candy to choose from. Some of the penny candy even had five pieces inside the package. They were small squares, but so yummy and chewy. The chocolate were my favorite! After many trips back and forth in front of the case, I would tell Miss Vivian or Miss Ruby what I wanted. Then my mom would pay for it when she paid for her groceries.

I can remember going to the other store also. Their candy was not in a glass case but in easy reach of a young child's hands. I guess since I usually got candy when we went I didn't think anything about choosing a piece. When we got to the car my mom asked what I had in my hand. I showed her the candy and she made me march right back inside and give it back. I can honestly say I have never shoplifted since! I guess I was always certain I would get caught. I thank my mom for teaching me that valuable lesson at a young age.

What does that have to do with this? Probably nothing, but I feel young again!

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