Tuesday, March 4, 2008

long ago and not so far away

When Donald was a little boy he had to be hospitalized. He lived in a very small town and the same nurse who helped deliver him took care of him while he was in the hospital. She had a reputation of being very gruff, yet had a very tender heart. She gave Donald his very own chocolate Easter bunny as a gift! Now Donald has a twin brother, an older brother, and two sisters. I don't imagine they got very many chocolate bunnies.

Donald's mother took the chocolate bunny home (huge mistake) and put in the refrigerator. His two brothers got in the refrigerator and ATE his chocolate bunny while he was still in the hospital. I guess it was a very traumatic time in his life because he told me the story quite a few times.

Fast forward many years and Donald is married with his own five children. Being the wonderful caring wife that I am, I found a huge chocolate bunny on clearance after Easter. We were on our way to our parents' and I gave my scarred for life husband a chocolate bunny. He didn't have to share it with anyone, not even his own deprived children. They only received candy Easter eggs, not ever a chocolate bunny. :o(

He gave me a huge smile and started eating the chocolate bunny. I think he bit the head off first, if I remember correctly. It is so funny to hear him tell the story. Short version he got very THIRSTY from all the chocolate.

Of course his account of the story varies slightly. He said I threw the rabbit in his lap and told him to shut up about it because I was tired of hearing about it. Funny I don't remember that. I like my version much better anyway.

Yesterday Ben bought him an early Easter gift. Can you guess what it was?? "Was" as in past tense because he has already eaten it. I guess he knew better than to put it in the refrigerator.


Erica said...

I do use that Success rice. I han handle it the way I make it, but I don't love it and wouldn't serve it to company. Ryan won't eat it. lol Got to find some seasonings to add... lol

Vicki said...

LOl I LOVE that story Sarah! How funny. Hey- how many stories can your kids tell about things that they've put in the fridge claiming as "their own" only to return and find them missing in action?! LOL big families- you gotta love em!

Sarah said...

Hee, hee; our family puts notes on stuff with their names on it. The funniest one I ever saw was "Eat this and die." I think Hannah had claimed it~!