Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rhetorical questions and their answers

Why me?
Why not me??

How much nasal mucus can one person produce? (give me a break, i could of said "snot")
Not sure yet.

Who goes there?
Open the door and find out.

What's for dinner tomorrow night?
What's for dinner tonight?

Why am I the one who usually changes the roll of toilet paper?
Maybe it's a special gift only a choice few can handle.

Why does the trash can fill up so fast?
So I can empty it.

Why am I sitting here making this stuff up?
To avoid algebra. (sorry I couldn't resist this one)

Why did I get hundreds of calls regarding the election when I'm on the DO NOT CALL list?
They liked to hear me scream before I let the answering machine get it.

How long has it been since I've dusted the furniture?
Old Wolf brand chili commercial.........well, it's been too long!

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