Tuesday, March 25, 2008

laundry and dishes

I met Donald at lunch and we bought this washing machine. We have been looking and researching and praying and finally took the plunge. My old washer is 14 years old now and I figure we have done 15,489 loads of laundry; that is a very conservative estimate. I'm sure if our old machine could talk it would tell you it did many more loads than that! I'm excited because it's much larger than our old one and is supposed to save on water and electricity. Hopefully it will do those things and we'll be able to see a difference in our bills. On top of that we saved over $400 on it by buying a "damaged" one which means it had a few dents and dings in the sides. That's not an issue for me since they won't show anyway. Just don't ask to see them when you visit though or I'll act like I don't know what you are talking about. My kids are always telling me I need to just not tell about some of the flaws I tell about. Well, these flaws are definitely worth saving $400 and telling you about!

The only downside is I'll have a black washer and a white dryer that obviously don't match. We don't need to replace our dryer. It is newer and last week when I had them checked out it was working perfectly. In the future we will try to replace it (another chance for my kids to tell you it really won't happen until it absolutely has to be replaced). Anyway I have half of what I've wanted for a long time now. I'm happy. They will deliver it tomorrow and haul our old machine off......for free. Now that's a deal!

Ben is grilling his yummy burgers out tonight. They are so GOOD! I need to clean the kitchen again. As soon as I finished cleaning it this morning Hannah came in to eat breakfast. I no more than get it cleaned until someone eats and the dishes start collecting again. Another benefit of having a large family with different schedules! I wouldn't take anything for my husband, my kids, and my life. Life is good.

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Vicki said...

It's amazing how the kitchen just gets cluttered isn't it? lol