Thursday, September 11, 2008

impressionable tacos

Rebekah made a comment last night at dinner. She exclaimed that I had cooked three nights in a row. I asked her who was counting and she replied that she was. I think I must of impressed her with my culinary abilities. Well, not quite, since it was the same old stuff I usually cook. In times past I cooked EVERY night; I really did. I would spend hours making dishes from scratch, homemade bread, dessert every night, and always had dinner ready for everyone. Now it's kinda hit and miss.

I had to work today and Bethany was off so she and Hannah are making tacos. I made a salad for Donald when I got in after 4:00. Then I finished the ironing. The ironing board is even put in its place! Drum roll, please........That is an incredible feat for me! Be impressed.

My boss was supposed to be in town today to show me how to put up a seasonal display. She wasn't able to make it as she had to be somewhere else. She called and asked me to go in and put them up at the two stores that I service. I told her I'd be glad to, that I wasn't sure if I would get it right, but I'd certainly try. I did get the "Bosses Day" display up at both stores and cleaned and organized some of my stuff. It was a great feeling to know what's there and what supplies I have on hand. I am feeling quite satisfied tonight.

Now I'm behind in grading papers. Just day before yesterday I was caught up. Schoolwork is just like dishes and laundry. It's never finished. Guess I'll go eat a taco.

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Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you. You went and did it by yourself and did just fine. You are such a blessing to me. Tell Hannah and Bethany thanks for making tacos and being a blessing to their mom. Don't worry about the school papers. They will get graded. Life keeps going. CR partner